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The long winter nights and lack of sunshine can really take its toll on our mood and feelings of winter wellness. When I feel in need of a ‘pick me up’ my favourite essential oil blend is Bergamot, Petitgrain and Jasmine. The sweetness of the Jasmine is lifted by the grassiness of the Petitgrain and the citrus of the Bergamot making it appeal to all. It boosts confidence, promotes happiness, nourishes the skin and calms emotions. Try adding 2 drops of each to 10ml of carrier oil (e.g. grapeseed oil, olive oil), bath oil/shower gel or face/body lotion, a pulse point roller ball or diffuser. Get in touch if you want me to make up some aromatherapy products for you, book an aromatherapy massage or buy a voucher for a loved one.

Top 5 essential oils to enhance mood:

  • Bergamot, relaxing but happy oil that calms emotions
  • Jasmine, sensual and sweet it boosts self-confidence and nourishes skin
  • Peppermint, energising and enhances mental focus
  • Petitgrain, anti-anxiety, uplifting and encourages positive thinking
  • Ylang Ylang, relaxing, sensual and floral


As the temperature drops, cold and flu viruses thrive and it may seem we’re getting one thing after another. Thankfully there are some things we can do to help keep ourselves feeling well during winter. The University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy reviewed clinical trials on the effects of Echinacea on people’s risks of catching a cold and concluded that Echinacea can reduce the chances by 60% and reduces the duration of a cold by 1.4 days.  

Elderberry Syrup is a little known but powerful antioxidant that helps to support the body’s immune system, protect healthy cells and fight off infections such as colds and flu. Elderberries contain almost 5 times as many anthocyanins and 2 times the antioxidant properties of cranberries.

Massage increases white blood cells
by 70%

Massage has been shown to improve white blood cells count by up to 70% which may explain why massage can help with a range of chronic and acute illnesses. Having a regular massage can help maintain good health all year round but especially in the cold and flu season.

Staying hydrated is also key to good health in winter. It’s easy to drink plenty of water when it’s sunny and we feel thirsty but we need to remember to drink in the winter, especially when colds and flu season is underway.

Top 5 essential oils to help prevent illness:

  • Eucalyptus, soothes inflammation, alleviates fevers and respiratory issues
  • Frankincense, boosts the immune system and anti-inflammatory
  • Tea Tree, stimulates the immune system, fights infections and viruses
  • Rosemary, strengthens immunity and soothes inflammation
  • Thyme, antibacterial, soothes respiratory issues


Holistic Facials rejuvenate winter skin and wellness

A reduction in exercise, the eating of comfort foods and exposure to extreme temperatures all combine to leave us feeling sluggish and our skin dry, dehydrated and dull – just when we want to look our best for the festive season. The best way to keep our skin looking as fresh as a daisy is to exfoliate at least twice a week. Exfoliation removes the top layer of dead skin cells, revealing the younger, brighter skin underneath. An added benefit is that product goes in deeper and you need less of it! My personal favourite is the Rose Facial Polish, which is gentle yet effective – I can’t stop touching my skin afterwards as it’s so soft.

Our hands are especially vulnerable to skin dryness at this time of year as they’re often ‘left out in the cold’ without protection. Using a hand exfoliant such as Melissa Hand Polish will alleviate any flakiness and a rich hand cream such as Melissa Hand Cream will moisturise and provide a measure of protection. For hands that really suffer then an advanced hand treatment such as Frankincense Intense Hand Serum should be used once or twice a day to deeply hydrate skin and reduce wrinkles and age spots.

Holistic Facials will rejuvenate winter skin, reduce dullness and improve the texture of skin. Additionally holistic facials drain the lymphatic system and boost circulation contributing to overall winter wellness.

Top 5 essential oils for winter skin

  • Frankincense, a skin tonic that rejuvenates the skin
  • Neroli, regenerating and replenishing
  • Jasmine, nourishing and warming
  • Rosehip oil, not an essential oil, but a popular ingredient in many skincare products for its skin rejuvenating properties
  • Rose, balancing and nurturing
My Top Tips for Winter Wellness
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