What is Holistic Facial Massage?

Holistic Facial Massage gently softens the tight tissues and muscles of the face, drains the lymphatic system, increases blood circulation and cellular rejuvenation and improves the texture of the skin. Gentle strokes and pressures are used in combination with award-winning, natural, organic and cruelty-free Neal’s Yard Remedies skincare products to produce various effects for instance:

The products used in the holistic facial are available for you to order and use at home and we offer a 10% discount off products you order during your treatment.

It’s important to know that the products used in the facial are exactly the same as the products you can buy – we do not use ‘extra-strength’ versions in the facial which give a false expectation as to the results of the products you can take home. Neal’s Yard Remedies’ products really work and are safe to use in the long-term so there is no need for such practices.

All of the skincare products we use are vegetarian and most are vegan, but please ask if us if you have any particular requirement or questions.

What happens during a treatment?

We will assess your skin type, discuss your primary skincare concerns and select the best skincare products for you. Then it’s time for you to lie back on the therapy bed, tucked in under the covers and deeply breathe in the gorgeous smells of Neal’s Yard Remedies products.  We will then start the facial routine which additionally includes a facial massage and scalp or foot massage. We will use cleanser, toner, facial oils, facial mask, eye treatment, serum and moisturiser.

Who is it good for?

Everyone! Seriously, the skin on our face has to put up with a lot (pollution, hot/cold air, make up etc) so it’s well worth giving it a regular break to restore it back to its radiant self. Having said that, as holistic facials are not just ‘skin-deep’ they may also be good for those with:

What does Holistic Facial Massage fuse well with?

Because of the number of products that are used in a Holistic Facial Massage, it is only possible to combine with other therapies in treatments lasting at least 1.5 hours. It fuses well with Indian Head Massage, Ear Candling, or an Aromatherapy Back Massage.

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