What is are Fusion Therapies?

These are tailored treatments which combine 2 or more therapies into single sessions to meet your unique wellbeing needs. Complementary therapies work synergestically together (greater than the sum of their parts) so by combing the right therapies for you, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of several therapies – for the fraction of the price of buying individual therapies. Plus the time quoted is your actual treatment time, meaning you will get at least 60 mins hands-on treatment rather than the usual 40 mins which means we have time to maximise the results.

What happens during a treatment?

After a medical and lifestyle consultation, we will agree which will be the best fusion of therapies for you and we will guide you as to which order and whether you will need to sit or lie down etc.

Typically the number of different therapies we can combine is based on the duration of the session:

  • 1 hour – fuse up to 2 therapies
  • 1.5 hours – fuse up to 3 therapies
  • 2 hours – fuse up to 4 therapies

Remember, these are the actual hands-on treatment times so allow up to an extra 30 mins for pre and post treatment consultation.

We will agree the right fusion of therapies to meet your individual needs, but here are a few common combinations:

  • Ear Candling, Indian Head Massage with Lymphatic Drainage Facial – perfect for anyone with sinus issues, headaches, or ear conditions
  • Aromatherapy Back Massage with Reflexology or Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage – ideal for those with aches and pains or muscle tension in their back but who also want a full body ‘work out’
  • Full Body Deep Tissue Massage with Indian Head Scalp Massage and Reflexology – great for those looking for top to toe treatments
  • Reiki with Aromatherapy Massage – wonderful for those looking to release stored emotional tension

Who is a Fusion Treatment good for?

A Fusion Treatment is ideal for anyone who has specific health concerns but also for those looking for the ultimate relaxation and pampering session.