What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage realigns or ‘resets’ deep layers of connective tissue and muscles to relieve pain and restore natural movement. The dense, tough tissue (myofascia) that surrounds your muscles and tissues has similar properties to quicksand or cornflower in that when moving it has ‘liquid’ like consistency, but when still it solidifies and can become immobile, causing stiffness and tension in your muscles.

By stimulating the myofascia and ‘trigger points’ (these are the really painful points that you feel) through slow and pressurised movements we can improve circulation, release tension and increase mobility. Deep Tissue Massage will also release physical and emotional trauma that is stored in the myofascia and muscles.

What happens during a treatment?

We can work on a specific area e.g. the back and shoulders, or do a full body Deep Tissue Massage dependent on your needs. You will undress, leaving on your underwear, and then lie initially face down on the therapy bed, under the covers. Starting with the back of the legs, then moving to the lower and upper back and shoulders, you will then turn over and we will start on the front of the legs, then the arms and finish on the decollete and neck. We will then look at any trigger points that may have been felt during the treatment. Please note, it will not be possible to work all trigger points in a single session – there are simply too many!

You should feel an immediate benefit; clients often refer to feeling ‘looser’, ‘lighter’ or like their shoulders are ‘lower’ (tense shoulders are often hunched up). Dependent on your individual condition, you may require a course of at least three treatments, ideally 1 per week, followed by regular maintenance treatments which may be 1 per month or less.

Who is it good for?

Most people could benefit from an occasional Deep Tissue Massage to ‘reset’ their muscles, however, this therapy may be particularly good for those with:

What does Deep Tissue Massage ‘fuse’ well with?

Deep Tissue Massage fuses well with ReflexologyReflexology Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki  or Swedish Massage.

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